Episode Reviews

[From alt.tv.rockford-files, courtesy of RG Naylor, review date in parenthesis]

Backlash of the Hunter (1999-06-08)

The Kirkoff Case (1999-06-13)

The Dark and Bloody Ground (1999-06-28)

The Countess (1999-07-02)

Exit Prentiss Carr (1999-07-15)

Tall Woman in Red Wagon (1999-07-24)

This Case is Closed (Part 1) (1999-08-01)

This Case is Closed (Part 2) (1999-08-09)

The Big Ripoff (1999-08-23)

Find Me If You Can (1999-09-02)

In Pursuit of Carol Thorne (1999-10-23)

The Dexter Crisis (2000-01-24)