Mar 2008

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Season 1 of The Rockford Files can now be seen free with commercials on The frame rate depends on your broadband speed and screen size; it got very jittery when viewing in full screen mode. However, it's very convenient when you're not at home and just need to watch some good TV.

The Rockford Files on

Open Forum 2008-1

In order to encourage comments to more recent entires, I'm going to be adding these entries to stay on the main News page. I'm also copying some of the more recent comments from last year's Open Forum:

Comment #1 from K. Mcleod:

My wife found this link while looking for gold colored silk material... There must be a Rockford Files fan at this Hyena Productions company:

Comment #2 also from K. Mcleod:

Is this DVD collection legitimate? Does anybody own it and can attest to the dvd quality, because it looks like a really good deal at $68.99 The Rockford Files / Seasons 1-7 / All 131 episodes / 23 DVDs / Regular Price / $389.99 / Our Price / $68.99

[I don't think this is a legitimate offer. The domain name links to an LA-area company, but I wouldn't be surprised if Universal tries to shut them down - Alex]

Comment #3 from Dave Crawford:

Does anyone know who the woman is in the opening credits? The one who is sitting in his car with Jim and they are both laughing. I have tried to keep my eye open to see if she is in any of the episodes or not. And I don't think through most of season five that I see her any place else but in the opening credits in any of the actual episodes?

[It seems to be just incidental. All the scene cuts in the opening credits are not related to actual episodes - Alex]

Comment #4 from K. McLeod:

Rockford Files is referred to in this 1997 song by Ben Folds Five. About 1:17 into the song... Very Cool!!!
Song / Artist / Album : Battle Of Who Could Care Less / Ben Folds Five / Whatever And Ever Amen