Mar 2007

Rockford Offline in SoCal

KDOC-TV has taken The Rockford Files off the air in Southern California. I urge all Rockford Fans in range to contact KDOC to put the show back on during the weekend. I'm sure they can find an hour to spare with all the infomericals they're running.

The Museum of Broadcast TV couldn't say it any better:

The Rockford Files is generally regarded (along with Harry O) as one of the finest private eye series of the 1970s, and indeed of all time, consistently ranked at or near the top in polls of viewers, critics, and mystery writers.

Update 20070329: Contact address fixed : Send those emails!

Update 20070515: NBC/Universal, owners of the series, are now showing The Rockford Files on their Sleuth TV cable channel. Four episodes are shown every Tuesday from 9am to 1pm Eastern Time.

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