Current Rockford Files search results from Google.

TIM'S TV SHOWCASE - Nice one-page Rockford Files home page. Has TV Guide links

ED ROBERTSON'S ROCKFORD PAGE - From the author of Thirty Years of The Rockford Files

Yahoo! Groups:
  • RockfordFiles
  • TheRockfordFiles - very active discussion group
Unofficial James Garner Home Page

Lisa's Rockford Files Tribute

Alan Morton's Rockford Files Episode Guide - Has IMDB links

Rockford Files Collectible Card Game

Rockford entry at the Museum of Television

TV Tome's take on Rockford

NEWSGROUP: - The place to discuss The Rockford Files and find trivia on your favorite episodes.

JIM ROCKFORD'S ANSWERING MACHINE - Dave Archer's random message generator. (link rot - I might implement this using data on this site)