A Personal History of Mathcad

Date Event
May 1990 First introduced to Mathcad 2.0 for DOS
early 1991 Department purchased Mac IIci's.
Purchased Mathcad 2.06 for Macintosh
Jan 1993 Upgraded to Mathcad 3.1
Jun 1994 Upgraded to Centris 650's
After numerous phone calls to tech support,
discovered Mathsoft has discontinued Mac version.
late 1994 Started converting engineering work to Matlab
Jul 1995 Mathsoft privately announces re-entry
into Mac market with Mathcad/Mac

Apr 1996

Mathsoft recruits potential beta testers

Aug 1996 Mathsoft begins beta testing Mathcad Plus 6.0 for Macintosh 
Nov 1996 Mathsoft ships Mathcad Plus 6.0

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