I'm sure you're familiar with the almost-religious debate between the Macintosh and the PC, otherwise known as the Wintel platform. It gets better whenever the anti-Apple hype machine is throttled to full speed by industry "pundits" the same way the media brings us the kind of "fair and balanced news" we see in time for dinner.

I think we're losing sight of something very basic here. I haven't invested more than $15,000 in hardware and software over the past 18 years just so I could say, "Look, I got this thing and it's bigger and better than what you've got." I chose the Macintosh because way back in 1984, Apple started a fundamental shift in the way we work with personal computers.

The Windows lie exemplified by versions 1.0, 3.1, 95, 95, NT, 2000, XP, and now Vista is that change for changes' sake equates to progress. Compare that to the changes in the Mac from 1984 to the present day. Apple got 90% of it right the first time and got the other 10% with OS X.

Mac users enjoy their computers, create with them, perform with them, always finding new and better ways of doing things. Wintel users are often running MS Office suite or some other application they've been trained to use. See the difference? At the end of the day, most Wintel users turn off their computer with a sigh of relief, glad to go home or be doing something else. Mac users often fall asleep before the computer does.

I'm talking about a computer that everyone can use right out of the box, and anyone can use and customize powerfully with a little patience.

I'm talking about a computer that's as friendly to seven-year-old prodigies as it is to grizzly hackers who started careers changing vacuum tubes.

I'm talking about a computer that still makes me smile when I turn it on.

My Personal Mac History:
  • Macintosh SE/30 : 1989-1994
  • Power Macintosh 6100 : 1994-1997
  • Power Computing PowerCenter Pro 210 : 1997-2001
  • Power Mac G4 Cube : 2001-2004
  • iMac G5 : 2004-2009
  • Mac mini G4 : 2005-2014
  • iMac (8,1 Intel Core2Duo) : 2009-2014
  • iMac (14,2 Intel Core i7) : 2014-present
  • PowerBook 100 : 1992-2002
  • iBook G3 (White) : 2002-2005
  • MacBook (Intel) : 2005-present
In addition to Macs, I have had the following x86 PCs, none of them running any Microsoft software:
  • Generic AMD K6 233MHz : 1997-2003 (RedHat)
  • Generic AMD Athlon 2000+XP : 2003-2004 (Gentoo)
  • Generic AMD Duron 750MHz : 2004-2007 (Slackware -> Debian -> Ubuntu)
  • MSI Wind Nettop Intel Atom N230 1.6GHz : 2009-2017 (Ubuntu)
  • Generic AMD A8-7600: 2017-present (Ubuntu)
  • Acer Chromebook Intel i3: 2017-present (ChromeOS)

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